Inday Sara calls Trillanes “coward”: Hindi ko alam kung bakit ka naging sundalo

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is a “coward” for quickly trying to end the word war between him and the presidential daughter.

Trillanes expressed his intention to avoid exchanging blows with Inday Sara after the latter posted a lengthy post on Facebook, warning the Senator that they might spend billions of pesos if ever that he continue mentioning the Davao City mayor in his speeches.

“Hindi ko na lang siguro papatulan ‘yan. I don’t have time for that,” Trillanes told reporters.

In response, Inday Sara posted another social media message to Trillanes, saying that the Senator might be coward for not answering her questions.

“May time ka magpresscon pero wala ka na time kapag sinagot ka na.” Inday Sara wrote in her latest Facebook post.

“Hindi ako naniniwala dati sa sinasabi nila pero paniwala na ako, you are a coward.” she added.

She’s also wondering how Trillanes became a soldier and a Senator, because he’s not courageous enough to face her.

“I do not know why you became a soldier and a Senator. Such a disgrace.” she said.

Sara Zimmerman Duterte Facebook

Yesterday, Trillanes claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte might urge his daughter, Inday Sara to run for the presidency to hold on to power.

“‘Pag di natuloy ‘yan, wala na siyang magagawa [kundi] option C niya ay itutulak niya si Sara Duterte bilang pangulo sa 2022, pero ang unang hakbang niyan ay itulak siya para senador sa 2019,” Trillanes said at the general assembly of opposition coalition Tindig Pilipinas.

Inday Sara denied the claims of Trillanes, saying that she would give her slot to the senatorial bets of the opposition.

Sara Zimmerman Duterte Facebook

However, she warned Senator Trillanes not to mention her name again or else, “Trillanes and his friends” might spend billions of pesos in the 2022 elections, a sign that Inday Sara might run as a replacement for her father to give a hard time to the opposition to gain power.

Source: Inday Sara Duterte

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