MMDA gumagastos ng isang bilyong piso kada taon para malinis ang maduduming estero sa Metro Manila

The garbage problem in Metro Manila has resulted in a billion of pesos expenses to the government as they need to clean the waterway to avoid the future disaster like what happened in 2009 during the typhoon Ondoy.

According to the article of ABS-CBN news, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) spent P1-B just to maintain the cleanliness of the rivers and drainage along the National Capital Region.

“Ang budget sa paglilinis ng estero, approximately, [pati] sa flood control nasa P1 billion… Ang mandato ngayon, cleaning lang dahil hindi hawak ng MMDA ang relocation ng mga informal settlers,”  MMDA general manager Jojo Garcia said during the interview.

Some people believe that even the government workers clean the drainage every day, the garbage problem in the Philippines would not be solved because of the undisciplined informal settlers who chose to live beside the waters.

The houses of the informal settlers don’t have any proper comfort room, so their waste is being dropped along the river.

Even the trash collectors in Metro Manila said that the people are still not practicing proper waste disposal.

The government is doing their efforts to relocate the informal settlers in different provinces so they can rehabilitate the rivers along Metro Manila easily.

They also urged the residents near the canals to help the government in cleaning their place.

Estero De Magdalena Photo: Scoopnest

Social media users have been disturbed by the photos taken at Estero De Magdalena in Tondo, Manila showing the serious problem of the National Capital Region in the garbage.

They were saddened that despite what happened in Ondoy, some people were still not disciplined and doesn’t care if another big flood happened because of the improper waste disposal.

When Ondoy struck in 2009, most of the places in Metro Manila has been flooded and the government blamed the garbages which blocked the floodways for the disaster.



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