Beautiful university student caught selling illegal drugs worth 1 million pesos

Netizens have been saddened by the arrest of an alleged illegal drug dealer in Cebu City Yesterday after they saw that the suspect is still young and beautiful.

According to the news report of SuperBalita Cebu, the drug dealer, identified as Riza Mae Cabigon, 18, a student of a University in Cebu City has been arrested by the authorities in a buy-bust operation.

The operation, which led by Police Superintendent Christopher Navida in Barangay Duljo Fatima resulted to the arrest of Cabigon who possed a mass amount of illegal drugs also known as Shabu with a street value of 1,003,000 pesos.

Unlike the other drug suspects, the arrest of Cabigon received many reactions from the netizens saying that the drug dealer has still a potential if ever that she didn’t entered the illegal drugs business.

The alleged drug dealer Riza Mae Cabigon (left) and the shabu that the police confiscated to her (right)
Photo: SuperBalita Cebu

Some even defended the drug suspect, saying that she deserved a second chance.

” Sometimes people has gotta do what they gotta do in order to live and in order to survive. We don’t know what battle she is fighting, we don’t know what she is going through and we don’t know the exact reason on why she needs immediate money.” Netizen Honey Angelu Maylan Mirafuentes said.

“But one thing is for sure, we shouldn’t judge her for her choices after all justice was already served so instead of shaming her, jumping into conclusions that she’s selling drugs to live an extravagant life, why don’t you just pray for her and wish for her own betterment? Everybody deserves a second chance and it is not too late for her to change. And for those people who are pushing her and telling her that she could’ve sold herself, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.” she added.

However, some netizen also slammed the people for expressing their sympathy to the drug dealer saying that the people should not give their sympathy to a criminal despite it good looks.

“Double standars kayo, nakakahiya basta gwapo o maganda, kung ano man ang problema o sitwasyon, he law is the law and no one should be above it., we all have issues and problems but hindi tayo pumasok sa pagbebenta ng droga. be a good citizen. Better safe than sorry.” Netizen Ian Javier said.

“Govt really needs a strong influence on the youth, better guidance and leadership and proper rehab not just for users but for pushers.” he added.

The suspect is not detained at the Cebu City Police precinct and the authorities are now preparing to file charges against her.

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