Netizens, pinang-uusapan ang umano’y haka-haka na anak ni Claudine Barretto at Rico Yan si Julia Barretto

Amid Rico Yan’s reemerging popularity, some social media users started crafting stories about the late actor’s relationship with Claudine Barretto.

In several posts on social media, netizens started spreading the theory that Claudine and Rico had a secret child during their relationship, and it was Julia Barretto.


“What if anak talaga ni Rico Yan at Claudine Baretto si Julia Barretto, hindi lang tanggap ni claudine na wala na si Rico Yan kaya binigay niya si Julia Baretto sa kapatid niya,” the theory read.


While the said theory was already widespread on the internet, it would be far from possible that Julia was the secret child of Claudine and Rico.


While Rico and Claudine have been collaborating on several projects since 1996, the two only dated from 1998, a year after Julia’s birth.

Claudine was also just 17 years old when Julia was born.

If Claudine was pregnant at that time, it would had been easily reveal as she was very popular at that time and many people were following her.


It might be one of the latest weird theories on the internet since the release of the story about Maine Mendoza and Alden Richard’s alleged daughter, which was crafted by the remaining fans of AlDub.


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