DOH, binabalak na ipagbawal ang ‘Mukbang’ sa social media

The Department of Health (DOH) was planning to push to ban ‘Mukbang’ content on social media after a vlogger passed away due to possible excessive eating.

According to DOH Secretary Ted Herbosa, he wanted to stop Filipino content creators from promoting unhealthy practices like Mukbang.


“It’s a bad practice because people make content by overeating,” said Herbosa. “And overeating is not healthy,”

“It would lead to obesity, and obesity will lead to hypertension, heart condition, non-communicable diseases,” he added.

He pointed out that Mukbang content creators only encouraged social media users to commit unhealthy behavior.

“I can ban it locally. I can propose banning Mukbang locally and ask DILG to stop those sites,” he stated.


As of writing, the lawmakers has yet to give their comment on the proposal of Herbosa, which many believed to be impossible to implement.

It can be recalled that content creator Dhongz Apatan passed away several days after he recorded himself while overeating fatty food.

While his family denied that he was an excessive eater, netizen pointed out that the content creator was known for eating fatty food.

One of his featured meal was a whole head of cow he ate alone.


Even the doctors who examined Dhongz confirmed that his cause of passing was related to his excessive eating of unhealthy foods.

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