Sophia Asistio, tahimik lamang sa rebelasyon ng kanyang mga magulang na si Nadia Montenegro at Baron Geisler

Sophia Asisto went viral on social media after her mother, Nadia Montenegro, admitted that she was the daughter of Baron Geisler.

The issue became popular in 2008 after veteran columnist Cristy Fermin announced the connection between Nadia and Baron on national television.


However, both Nadia and Baron denied the allegations.

But this year, Baron admitted that he had a secret daughter, confirming his speculations about him and Nadia.

Nadia also confirmed that Baron was the father of her youngest, saying that she didn’t keep it secret from the people close to her, including her husband, Boy Asistio Jr.


Sophia is the 18-year-old daughter of Nadia, a K-Pop fan, and an aspiring model.


She hasn’t expressed interest yet in following in the footsteps of her mother and father, who were both excellent actors.

According to the actress, her husband gave her name, and she even carried the Asistio surname despite being the daughter of Baron.

Nadia even joked that Sophia wanted to become a Korean citizen due to her love for K-pop.

Nadia said she was proud that Sophia was raised by her and her husband.


“Pinalaki ko siya [nang] punong-puno ng pagmamahal, punong-puno ng respeto sa tatay niyang si Boy, sa nagbigay ng pangalan sa kanya, sa nagpaaral sa kanya, sa nagmahal sa kanya. Walang puwedeng magkwestiyon outside our circle,” she said.


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