Rosmar Tan, sinabing hindi na siya naningil ng six digits na fee para i-promote ang mga restaurant sa Coron

Entrepreneur Rosmar Tan insisted that the restaurants who gave them free meals in Coron received a bargain.

In her statement, Rosmar revealed that the restaurants that fed them for free received big savings, as they received free promotions not only from her but also from other social media personalities like Rendon Labador, as well as members of Team Malakas.


Rosmar claimed that brands typically paid her six digits per post to promote their brand.

“Sa totoo lang kung maniningil ako ng promotion alam nyo naman yan mga kapwa ko marami ff kung magkano rate natin kada isang post di ba? Real talk ako ang singil ko six digits per post ako pa lang ‘yon,” she wrote.


It can be recalled that Rosmar and her group received criticism on social media after some complaints from restaurant owners in Coron circulated on social media.

They claimed that they were not aware that Rosmar and her group would not pay for their meal.


However, Rosmar denied the accusations, saying that many restaurants voluntarily offered their services for free in exchange of promotion.

Rosmar, Rendon, and Team Malakas were currently declared as persona non-grata in Coron.

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