Carmi Martin ibinahagi ang totoong dahilan kung bakit hindi nag-asawa

Veteran actress Carmi Martin revealed that reason why she decided not to build a family, which could be attributed to her past decisions.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Carmi revealed that she had many suitors in the past, but she couldn’t choose among them due to her picky personality.


“Ang dami kasing nanligaw sakin, [pero] ‘yung may mapuna lang ako na konti talagang turn-off na ko,” she said.

She also said that all of her past boyfriends were non-showbiz personalities.

Her parents’ rejection to all of ex-boyfriends also added to her problem.

Carmi then decided to just stay single after her last relationship ended.

“Naging advocacy ko ngayon na alam mo, ‘It’s cool to be single’ and you know, maganda ka parin, inaalagaan mo ‘yung katawan mo, you can do a lot of things,” she stated.


When asked if she was still open to accept suitors, Carmi declared that the door of her heart was closed already.

To fulfill her missed opportunity to experience motherhood, Carmi decided to become a furmum and treated her pets as her own children.

It can be recalled that one of the closest friend of Carmi, Roderick Paulate admitted that he slipped into the idea of courting the veteran actress, but he decided not to pursue it.


“Kasi nung panahon namin nakita ko ‘yung nakaaligid, mga mestiso eh. Ako naman magaling naman makiramdam. Parang sa nakita ko parang hindi ata ako puwede pumasok diyan. Realistic. Alam ko naman kung saan ako pupwesto,” he said.


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