Roderick Paulate, inamin na nagka-interes noon kay Carmi Martin

Roderick Paulate admitted that there was a time that he thought of pursuing his now BFF Carmi Martin.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, they asked the actor and politician if he ever fell in love with his friend.

According to Roderick, while the possibility of courting Carmi slipped into his mind, he decided not to pursue it it.

“Kasi nung panahon namin nakita ko ‘yung nakaaligid, mga mestiso eh. Ako naman magaling naman makiramdam. Parang sa nakita ko parang hindi ata ako puwede pumasok diyan. Realistic. Alam ko naman kung saan ako pupwesto,” he said.

It can be recalled that Carmi and Roderick hosted a variety show, which made them closer.

Roderick also said that his priority during that time was his career.

“But okay lang. Kaya lang hindi lang siguro panahon pa—’yong panahong ‘yon, ha—especially, humility aside, nasa peak tayo ng career. Parang hindi ako naka-focus doon. Mas naka-focus sa ako career at pamilya,” he stated.

As a close friend, Carmi was one of the individuals who supported Roderick when he was convicted of graft.

She also shared Roderick’s short statement following the decision.

‘I believe in prayers,’ Martin quoted Paulate’s message to her.

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