16-anyos na anak ni Kuya Kim Atienza na si Emmanuelle Atienza, inulan ng panghuhusga dahil sa pananamit niya

Kim Atienza’s 16-year-old daughter, Emmanuelle Atienza received various comments on social media for posting revealing photos on social media.

In her Instagram, Emmanuelle, who’s also working as a model, posted some of the comments she received from the netizens.

Some netizens even questioned why Kuya Kim allowed his daughter to wear revealing outfits.


“As a father how do you allow you[r] daughter to post such revealing photos [?]. Shame on you,” one netizen said.

“15 years old palang masyado ng nagpapa sexy,” another netizen remarked.

Emmanuelle made a short reaction to the comments.


“Lol cant see the haters,” she said.

Emmanuel was also featured on several news websites several years ago after she disclosed that she was diagnosed with a mental health condition called ‘anorexia nervosa’ which gave her urges not to eat properly to lessen her weight.

“After properly dieting and losing an increasingly high amount of weight, I became obsessive over my calories. I would sometimes eat much less than a healthy body needs to survive. it become so obsessive that others became concerned about my own health and my daily functioning was at stake,” she stated.



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The said condition was common with models who were required to control their weight.

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