Viral wedding at posibleng part two nito, itatampok umano sa KMJS

The viral wedding on Amlan would reportedly be featured on the popular magazine television program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.


In several posts by local media, the couple on the viral wedding, Jove Deo Sagario and Janine Seit Suelto-Sagario, were spotted while being interviewed by the crew of GMA Network, which is possibly a sign that they will be featured on the magazine show.

The teaser received thousands of reactions from the netizens and hoped that KMJS would also interview the priest, as well as the “godmother” who reportedly caused the miscommunication between the parish and the couple.

They also expect the part two of the wedding to be featured on the show.


It can be recalled that the wedding went viral on social media after the couple complained on social media about how the priest, Rev. Fr. Jovencito Kho, rushed the wedding by starting the mass without waiting for the bride to reach the altar.

The parish already explained that they tried to rush things as the couple arrived an hour late, as the bride and groom thought that their ceremony was rescheduled.


The “godmother” who told the couple about the rescheduling already apologized to the couple and to the parish for the incident she caused.

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