Crissa Liaging, tila may patama matapos ang panayam kay Andi Eigenmann at Philmar Alipayo

Content creator Crissa Liaging published a cryptic post after Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo spoke about the incident involving the former and the professional surfer.

In a Facebook post, Crissa published a video showing her visibly upset expression.


“Nakakagigil sarap sabihin ‘yung totoo!!” Crissa wrote.

The post received criticism from the netizens, saying that she must take responsibility for the issue she started.

“Kahit sabihin mo pa ang totoo or hindi, kahit baliktarin mo pa ikaw parin may kasalanan. Kasi sumawsaw ka sa may asawa. The nerve na magapvictim,” netizen Julz said.

“Gurl you had it all coming for yourself in the first place because you know for a fact that it will stir drama, people will react to it, it would be hypocritical to say you didn’t upload it for attention. Focus ka nlg sa business, gurl, you’re thriving naman na what more can you ask for. You’re just adding fuel to the fire with all these shenanigans,” netizen Benjy remarked.

It can be recalled that Crissa posted a video of her meeting with Philmar in Siargao and added a romantic song, which quickly gained attention from the netizens.


Andi and Philmar said that they downplayed the issue.

The actress also said that she was confident that Philmar would never flirt with Crissa.

“Nakipag-usap lang. Siyempre kapag lasing, nakikipag-usap. Then, wala, uwi,” she said.


“I guess I know him well, I also knew what his type is,” she added.



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