“Ninang” na umano’y puno’t dulo ng pagka-late ng mag-asawang ikakasal sa Amlan, tinapos na ang katahimikan

The “godmother” mentioned by the Parish, believed to have caused the confusion between the bride and groom at the viral wedding, spoke for the first time.

It can be recalled that the wedding of Jove Deo Sagario and Janine Seit Suelto-Sagario went viral on social media after footage published by the couple showed how the assistant priest of St. Andrew Parish in Amlan started the mass without waiting for the bride to reach the altar.


The issue caused the parish to be criticized on social media, which prompted the Diocese of Dumaguete to release an apology to the public and to the people involved on the issue.

They explained that someone told the couple that their wedding was rescheduled to 9:30 A.M from its original schedule of 8:00 A.M, but in reality, there was no change of schedule happened according to the official records of the parish.

For the first time, the “Godmother,” Charlene Sunico, ended her silence for the first time to explain the cause of the confusion that led to the disappointing wedding.


Sunico, who’s also serving at the Parish, said that she was informed by his churchmate about the said rescheduling and told the couple about it.

She refused to name the said churchmate and decided to just take all the blame.

After the wedding, she apologized to the couple and their family, as well as to the wedding guests and to the priest herself.


Sunico asked the public to stop criticizing the priest as she was the one who caused the confusion.

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