Ilang mga netizens, ipinagtanggol ang pari na nag-viral matapos mag-misa ng wala pa ang bride sa altar

Netizens defended the priest facilitating the viral wedding held at Amlan on June 8, 2024.

The wedding went viral after Jove Deo Sagario and Janine Seit Suelto-Sagario aired their complaint on social media after Rev. Fr. Jovencito Kho allegedly rushed the wedding after the couple arrived late for an hour for the ceremony.

Kho received a tremendous amount of criticism from the netizens due to his behavior, but some Catholic faithful also believed that the Parish had a good reason to rush the wedding due to its tight schedule.


Some netizens who knew Kho personally described him as one of the best priests in their province.

They even blamed one of the sponsors who informed the couple about the unverified news that their wedding was moved to another schedule.

Another netizen also narrated how Kho rushed to the hospital to visit her sick father.


“Sa tingin ko nagkamali siya pero hindi naman umabot sa punto na siya lang ‘yung walang modo,” the netizen said.

Others already asked the netizens to stop criticizing the priest as they had already released a public apology and admitted their lapses during the wedding day.


As of writing, Kho has yet to grant an interview on the issue.

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