Vice Ganda, tila may patama kay Nikko Natividad sa It’s Showtime

Vice Ganda went viral again on social media after the comedian seemed to take a swipe against Nikko Natividad on the June 8 episode of It’s Showtime.

During the segment EXpecially For You, Vice was talking to Onin De Guzman when the comedian suddenly made a joke to the guest.


“Subukan mong umikot,” Vice told Onin.

To clarify that he was joking, Vice ended his joke with “Charot.”

“Charot! Oh, may charot sa dulo!” he said.

Many netizens believed that Vice was referring to Nikko’s post against him.

It can be recalled that Nikko talked about Vice’s power tripping and the comedian’s technique of avoiding criticism by saying “Charot” in his jokes.


“Naawa lang ako sa lalaki na may nagawang mali pero hindi niya talaga intensyon. At syempre dun sa babae,” said Nikko. “Sobra lang kasi napahiya ‘yung lalaki na sasabihan pa na tatadyakan at pwede kasuhan,”

“Lalagyan lang nya ng charot sa dulo lulusot na yan,” he added.

Nikko received criticism from Vice’s fans, who even called him a traitor, as many believed that It’s Showtime helped the former hashtag member advance his career.


As of this writing, netizens have been waiting for Nikko to respond to Vice’s recent statements.

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