Lorin at Venice Gutierrez, nagbigay ng kanilang opinyon tungkol sa lola nilang si Annabelle Rama

Lorin and Venice Gutierrez Bektas gave their thoughts on the issue surrounding their clan amid the separation between Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati.

In an interview, Lorin and Venice were specifically asked about their grandmother Annabelle Rama’s statements, which were believed to be a swipe against Sarah.


It can be recalled that recently, Annabelle talked about not trying to quarrel with a certain “Barbie,” believed to be Barbie Imperial, while expressing her willingness to have a match-up with an individual she called “Chucky,” which many speculated to be Sarah.

According to Lorin and Venice, they were already used to how their Lola spoke.

“No reaction. I’m very used to Lola speaking her mind. It’s nothing new to us. It’s just Lola,” said Lorin.


Meanwhile, Venice believed that Annabelle’s advancing age was why she couldn’t be stopped anymore.

“We don’t have Facebook, so it’s like someone’s gonna send it to me, and I was like, ‘Oh, what’s happening?’ and you know, just let her be like kasi matanda na e, that’s really what they like. We can’t really stop her; she’s not gonna listen to us,” Venice stated.


As of writing, Annabelle has yet to give her reaction to the statement made by her grandchildren.


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