Aktor na si Nico Locco, may patama sa pamamahiya umano ni Vice Ganda

Actor and former participant of “EXpecially For You” Nico Locco joined the celebrities who called out Vice Ganda’s behavior on national television.

In his Instagram post, Nico published an open letter to a certain individual whom people believed to be Vice Ganda.


Nico called out the said individual for allegedly making fun of people as a form of comedy.

“If you have to make fun of people and take personal shots at them palagi to make people laugh, it’s sooo not funny. Para sa akin, it’s simply a lack of intelligence and creativity,” said Nico. “I’m so tired of seeing it pa ulit ulit on tv. I won’t mention the show or network that repeatedly does it pero yeah, you know what I mean,” 

“Belittling someone to make people laugh doesn’t make you a comedian. It makes you a bully. I would love to see that specific person jump into their shoes for once para maramdaman niya what it feels like. Siguro he or she wouldn’t be laughing anymore,” he added.


It can be recalled that Vice also called out Nico when the latter’s ex-girlfriend, Christine Bermas, revealed that he cheated on her.

“Why did you still cheat? Why do cheater cheat kahit na nakita na nila yung pinakamaganda, pinakamabait, pinakamaalaga, pinagdarasal nila, bakit pa sila nagloloko? Do you understand yourself, bakit mo nagagawa yon?” Vice told Nico.

It can be recalled that Vice was receiving criticisms on social media after he called out a participant of EXpecially For You.


Vice even fueled the issue when he refused to apologize to the participant and insisted that what he did was inapproriate.

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