Whamos Cruz, binatikos matapos bigyan ng gold bar at laptop si Diwata

Whamos Cruz received criticism from netizens after he gave Diwata a gold bar, saying that the influencer could have helped other people who needed it.

In his vlog, Diwata showed the gift he received from Whamos and his wife, Antonette Gail — a gold bar with certification of authenticity.

Aside from the gold bar, Diwata also showed the laptop and phone he obtained from the influencer couple.

Maraming salamat sa’yo Whamos dahil napakadaming regalo ang ibinigay mo sakin,” he said.

However, many netizens were irked by the decision of Whamos to help Diwata even if the social media sensation already received help from other content creators.

“Dapat si Lola ng nanlilimos ng Piso para sa Apo ang dapat bgyan ng tulong. Syempre c Diwata kabig nlng yan ng kabig,” netizen Pete said.

“It’s disappointing how some people are only noticed for clout when in reality, we should be helping those truly in need,” netizen Jeff remarked.

“The givers are just wanting publicity. Bakit need pa bigyan yan eh ang laki na ng kinikita nyan. Dpat yung mga needy tlaga bigyan ng tulong yung mga walang makain, walang travaho or walang bahay,” netizen Lani commented.

Last week, Diwata received a car and also a pre-fabricated house from a company and a content creator.

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