Billy Crawford, nagsalita tungkol sa mga nag-aalala sa kanyang mababang timbang

Television host and performer Billy Crawford addressed the speculations that his weight loss was due to his excessive vices.

In an interview with reporters, he insisted that he was clean and never became a “user” throughout his life, unlike what some netizens were hinting.


“A lot of people have been talking on my behalf, alleging that I’m an addict or whatever. But first of all, I think it’s unfair to tell someone what they are. I don’t do drugs… I have stopped drinking alcohol. I don’t smoke. I have no vices,” said Billy.

“I have an addictive personality, but the Lord is always there to save me, really. There had been temptations. But with a snap of a finger, he led me away from them. Nililihis ako sa bisyo. I’m thankful for that,” he added.

Billy admitted that he had been drinking too much six years ago, which resulted in a weight increase.


However, Billy said that his weight started to slowly go down after he started to have a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m 148 lbs. I feel healthy and I feel good. I don’t necessarily exercise tremendously, but I eat right, drink enough water. And maybe my child is just heavy! It can get tiring,” he said.


“I used to do intermittent fasting and tried keto diet. Now I’m super healthy and can’t ask for more,” he added.

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