Anyare? Yen Santos, binura ang kanyang sweet birthday message para kay Paolo Contis

Fans who were following Yen Santos and Paolo Contis’ relationship have expressed their concern recently after they noticed that the actress removed her sweet birthday message to the former ‘Tahanang Pinakamasaya’ host.

Last month, Yen made a short birthday message to Paolo whom she called her ‘best friend’


“Screaming happy 40th birthday to my best friend! Thank you for everything you do,” she wrote.

Netizens couldn’t stop speculating about whether there was something wrong with Yen and Paolo due to the actress’s recent post.

“Hope you have an amazing month.. come what May,” she stated.

It can be recalled that Paolo and Yen were rumored to be in a relationship since 2021 after they were spotted together in public places, even after finishing their project, A Faraway Land.


The start of their relationship also became rocky as many netizens believed that Yen was the reason behind the breakup of Paolo and his former partner, LJ Reyes.

In 2023, Paolo admitted that he was in love with Yen.

“Sa amin kasi, kumbaga, what you see is what you get na naman, di ba? Hindi na namin puwedeng ipilit yung tao to be happy for us. Hindi namin puwede ipilit yung mga tao na paniwalaan yung gusto nilang paniwalaan. Sana isipin lang nila na kung ano lang yung nakikita nila na naka-post, yun lang yung truth na alam nila,” he stated.


Paolo was then linked to his co-host, Arra San Agustin, but they clarified that their sweetness was only an attempt to form a love team, which was considered a flop.

Some fans were hoping that Paolo and Yen would clarify the current status of their relationship.

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