Ex live-in partner ni Dennis Padilla, inamin na matagal o kulang magpadala ang aktor ng suporta sa kanilang mga anak

The ex-live-in partner of Dennis Padilla, Linda Marie Gorton, finally made a statement for the first time about the rumors that the actor was not supporting his children.

In her Instagram post, Linda, now based in Australia, reacted to Dennis’ claims that he was having difficulty supporting his children with his ex as they live overseas.


Linda debunked the claims that Dennis was consistently sending child support to their children, Gavin and Maddie, saying that she reached the point where she asked the actor several times just to convince him to assist their offspring.

“First of all, consistency in child support wasn’t always the case. Through the years, there were many lapses in between. And many times I had to, and still have to persistently ask for it kasi kung papabayaan ko matagal at kulang kulang ang padala. Because I also work here, ako ang nagpuno sa mga pagkukulang na iyon,” said Linda. “I don’t know what “madugo” meant in his statement when this is what was more or less the normal expenses for the kids even back then when we were still living together,”

According to her, while the tuition for her children was free in Australia, she was still required to work to fulfill the needs of Maddie and Gavin.


“Although financial support is still big help, raising three children alone especially here in Australia where I don’t get to hire people for help and has to work at the same time, is not a stroll in the park. This is common knowledge but worth mentioning because it really is not easy. it demands a lot of physical, mental, and emotional effort,” she stated.

She also revealed that she didn’t got separated from Dennis due to financial problems, saying that she tried to make her family whole despite the imperfections of their relationship.


“It was never about financial problems. I stayed with him for almost twelve years mayroon man kami o walang pera. I stayed for him and I stayed for the kids because I wanted a complete family for all of us. But just like most things in life, you can’t have everything you want,” she stated.

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