Ogie Diaz, ginawang diskusyon ang Pares ni Diwata: “Hindi daw kasundo sa kanilang panlasa”

Talent manager Ogie Diaz discussed the viral Paresan of internet sensation Deo Balbuena, a.k.a Diwata.

In his online program, Ogie said that he heard some complaints from the people who visited Diwata’s Paresan, which is being visited by thousands of customers every day.


According to some complaints, the food being offered at Diwata’s Paresan was below their expectations since his establishment was being praised by other content creators for being affordable and good-tasting at the same time.

To confirm the complaints, Ogie asked one of his friends who already visited Diwata’s Paresan.

“Tinatanong ko kasi dahil na-viral eh. ’Yung ano sabi don, na hindi raw masarap yung pares. So tinanong ko yung kaibigan ko na kumain don. Ang sabi ng friend ko eh parang hindi daw kasundo ng kanyang panlasa,” said Ogie.

“Siguro iba-iba. Kasi ako hindi ko pa natitikman. Although yung mga friends ko, nakakarating sa akin na hindi kasundo ng kanilang panlasa,” he added.


Ogie said that he mentioned the feedback to Diwata’s paresan so the internet sensation could improve his service and food quality.

“Pero siguro ’no, magandang sinasabi rin natin ’to para at least aware si Diwata na pasarapin pang lalo ang kanyang pares… Mas maganda na tama rin naman yung sinasabi ng mga vloggers pagdating don na kung masarap, masarap talaga,” he stated.

Diwata, who’s currently on vacation, has yet to respond to Ogie’s comment.


It can be recalled that some content creators bravely criticized Diwata and some even demanded to recover the money they paid as they’re not satisfied with the food they ordered.


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