2 pulis nahuling gumagawa ng milagro ng kanilang mga asawa sa parking lot

Two police officers, ages 40 and 41, were facing serious charges that may end their careers as law enforcers after they were caught doing the deed inside their vehicle parked at a mall in Laguna.

According to the reports, their partners, police officers, caught the two around 10 AM on April 27.


The incident also became action-packed as one of the suspects tried to flee using her vehicle even if the complainant already flattened out one of her wheels.

The other suspect was rushed to the hospital after he jumped outside the vehicle and tried to flee by foot.

The complainants already suspected their partners of having an illicit relationship.


The female suspect’s whereabouts have yet to be determined, but investigators believe that she traveled to Batangas using her damaged vehicle.


Meanwhile, netizens compared the incident to the story of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo characters Rigor and Lena who were both police officers and having an affair.

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