Ilang mga maliliit na vlogger, hindi natutuwa sa pagbisita ng sikat na influencer kay Diwata

Social media phenomenon, Deo Balbuena, also known as “Diwata” was now visited, not only by small content creators, but also by some celebrities including Alex Gonzaga, and Rendon Labador.

However, there were reports that some small-time content creators were not happy with the influx of celebrities visiting Diwata as they believed those famous figures weren’t there when he was just starting to do business.


Some of them even claimed that Diwata was prioritizing his celebrity visitors now.

“Hindi kami makapag-content ng maayos sa Paresan ni Diwata kasi mas inaasikaso niya yung mga sikat na bumibisita sa kanya,” one content creator said.

“Sana naman unahin niya kami kasi kami yung kasama niya noong sa bangketa pa siya nagtitinda,” another vlogger commented.


Meanwhile, content creator Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa warned Diwata to be careful and secure his future as his social media popularity was not permanent and content creators who were visiting him every day would leave him once his trend was over.

He also claimed that content creators earned hundreds of thousands of pesos by just recording Diwata’s activities every day.


Due to his popularity, Diwata already banned all vloggers from entering his kitchen and also asked them to give him privacy.


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