Carlos Yulo, iniwan umano ang Japanese coach dahil sa kanyang jowa

Filipino gymnast Carlos Yulo was facing controversy after a source from the Gymnastics Association of the Philippines (GAP) made a claim on the reason why the athlete left his Japanese coach Munehiro Kugimiya.

Last year, Yulo admitted that he parted ways with Kugimiya after he won several gold medals during their partnership.


According to the report published by Malaya, Yulo allegedly left Kugimiya for being too strict, which already reached the point that even the gymnast’s love life was affected.

It was said that Kugimiya’s coaching to Yulo made it difficult for the gymnast to spend time with his Filipino-Australian girlfriend.

“This girlfriend became a distraction that drove a wedge between coach Kugimiya and Caloy,” the source told Malaya.


The source added that Yulo was unhappy with his former coach’s meddling with his love life.

“Because Coach Kugimiya is a gentleman, he did not want to make these things public. But now you see the outcome,” the source added.

Despite Yulo’s decision to part ways with Kugimiya, the Filipino athlete was still winning competitions.


On April 20, Yulo secured a gold medal in the parallel bars final of the 2024 FIG Artistic Gymnastics Apparatus World Cup.

Yulo has also been qualified to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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