‘Nakakadiri!’ Mga anak ni Pambansang Kolokoy, sinagot ang mga paratang ng kanilang ama

Joel Mondina, also known as ‘Pambansang Kolokoy’ children, CJ and Aaron answered the claims made by their father in his vlog.

During their Mukhang vlog, CJ and Aaron, who were dining with their mother, Grace Mondina, didn’t hesitate to answer the statement made by their father several weeks ago.


CJ narrated that last December, he discovered a bundle of cash inside Joel’s house in Las Vegas and quickly informed Grace about it.

However, Joel caught CJ, which prompted the Filipino vlogger to force his son to make it appear that Grace gave him a task to get the bundle of cash without permission.

“He forced me to actually say that my mom told me to steal cash, which she never told me,” said CJ.

They also received a warning from Joel last January to discredit their mother, or else he would release the video of CJ during his discovery of the bundle of cash.


CJ and Aaron also denied Joel’s claim that they were sharing underwear.

“You should not believe a word that my dad sends out to the world. He lies a lot,” CJ said.

Grace tried to interrupt CJ from continuing to say things against his father, but he still went further.


“It’s true. My dad lies, he lies a lot – he is a liar, he is a sinner, he lies a lot. He says he’s going to do something for me but when I remind him like maybe later, he says “No ask your mom,” so he’s a liar, I don’t like him,” he stated.

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