Cassy Legaspi, inamin na hindi na siya ang may-ari ng page na paulit-ulit nagbabahagi ng ala-ala nila ni Darren Espanto

Cassy Legaspi clarified that she didn’t own the Facebook page that repeatedly shared videos and photos of her and Darren Espanto in recent days.

In her Instagram story, Cassy said that the Facebook page, which already had 21-M followers was hacked in 2021.


“This Facebook account USED TO be mine, until I was hacked in 2021,” she wrote.

“So to clear things up, this account is currently IS HACKED and NOT HANDLED BY ME,” she added.

She also asked her followers to report the said page.

Several netizens questioned the timing of Cassy’s post, asking why she only informed her fans about the status of her Facebook page when it started posting videos of Darren.


“Nakupo, di sana matagal niya na naireport na nahacked. Ngayon pa nagkalabuan na sila, patawa,” netizen Ghenzkie said.

“Simpleng palusot hahahaha di ata nya alam verified ung gamit,” netizen Happy remarked.

Cassy and Darren became one of the top topics this month on social media after the latter started to deny that he was romantically involved with the Kapuso host.


Darren insisted that Cassy was only his best friend despite their closeness.

After Darren’s denial, netizens noticed the cryptic posts made by Cassy on her social media pages.

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