Rica Peralejo, inamin na nagkaroon sila ng ‘walang label’ na relasyon ni Piolo Pascual

Rica Peralejo admitted that she had a special relationship with Piolo Pascual in the past.

In an interview during the GMA show Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, the ‘King of Talk’ asked Rica about the rumors surrounding her and Piolo.


“I think you spoke about PJ (Piolo) there. You were talking about settling down but there was no relationship. Ang reaction ko, ‘Ano yun?’” Tito Boy asked.

Even Rica admitted that she was also confused about her relationship with Piolo.

“Wala na ‘yan. Walang issue na yan, that’s why I can talk about it this way because I have that kind of relationship with him na alam mo tumanda na tayo, we don’t really have to like fret about that anymore or fight about that,” she stated.

She then described her setup with Piolo to the host.


“We existed and functioned like a couple talaga. And there were talks of like, parang hindi naman diretso pero na magse-settle down together. Pero like any other couple, ganu’n lang siya. Na maiisip mo na puwedeng mangyari ito.” she said.

“Pero he never naman promised. I never naman really said na I wanted this. It was just something that we entertained. It never got to that point and we never labeled our relationship. But it was very, very good naman what we had together,” she added.

What’s more important according to Rica, was they loved each other even without labeling their relationship.


“I think it was very obvious that we liked each other. We loved each other but we were like more friends really na ‘yung we just like to be together a lot.” she stated.

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