It’s Showtime host Cianne Dominguez, pilit umanong pinasok ng isang lalaki sa kanyang condo

It’s Showtime host Cianne Dominguez received a tremendous amount of support from her fans after a man allegedly followed her and attempted to enter her condominium unit.

In a Facebook post, Lance Escober posted the photo of the suspect, who was identified as Shervey Torno, also known as Ronnie Gray.


According to Escober, Torno followed Cianne to her condo unit and became touchy with the television host.

Screenshot from @lance_escober/X

Torno was reportedly already under the custody of the authorities.

However, Escober said that the suspect didn’t show any remorse after he committed the said act against the It’s Showtime host.

“Walang karemorse-remorse. Ngumingiti pa habang iniinterrogate. Ayaw pang mag-sorry. Nakakakulo ng dugo,” he said.

The post received mixed reactions from the netizens, and some of them said that they would wait for the result of the investigation before giving their comment.


“I think the investigation should be carried out, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions,” netizen If said.

Lance quickly responded to the people who doubted his claims.

“tf u mean conclusions? my friend experienced everything firsthand. that mf wouldn’t escape like a marathoner if he wasn’t guilty of anything. you think everything’s made up? that’s exactly why some victims are afraid to speak up. bec of u who invalidate victim’s experiences,” he said.


As of writing Cianne’s camp has yet to release a statement on the issue.

Cianne’s family also confirmed the incident.

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