Pambansang Kolokoy, itinanggi na hindi na gumagana ang junjun niya

Joel Mondina, a.k.a Pambansang Kolokoy, denied that he was suffering from Andropause, which caused him to have mood swings and a dysfunctional reproductive system.

In a social media post, Joel made a sarcastic response to his former partner, Grace Mondina who hinted about his alleged condition.


To prove that he was still functioning, he hinted that he would have another child with his new partner, Dawn Sherrine.

“Ganito pala may Andropause may kasunod na naman si Gigi! Hoomaayyygoodness! Jun jun behave!” he said.

The former partners exchanged criticism on social media in recent days.

Joel on Tuesday, criticized Grace and even blamed his former partner for his downfall.


As a response, Grace, who’s a medical professional in the US, theorized that Joel was experiencing Andropause due to his old age.

“When a man reach 40 to early 50s, nagiging babae sila,” said Grace. “May mga mood swings sila, they’re irritated easily, may mga hot flashes din sila,”

“Hindi lang kaming mga babae na going through that menopause, pati din ang mga lalake meron din silang male menopause, it’s called andropause, so siguro si idol niyo is going through andropause,” she added.


Joel and Grace announced their separation last year, ending their years of partnership as a content creator.

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