Nova Villa speaks for the first time about the rumors that she had a child with Fernando Poe Jr.

Veteran actress Nova Villa finally made a response to the decade-old rumors about her and the late ‘Da King’ Fernando Poe Jr.

There were rumors circulating for decades about Nova, having a child with FPJ.


According to Nova who’s also called the “Goddess of Philippine Comedy, she will never deny if she really had a baby with the King of Philippine Movies.

Nova Villa in her youth

“Hindi po, walang ganu’n,” she said during an interview with Morly Alinio. “Hindi mo ide-deny, anak mo ‘yon, e. Wala namang nangyari. Ayoko na lang palakihin. Rest in peace na ‘yong tao,”

FPJ was the reason why Nova became an actress after the late actor discovered her potential to be a star.


She became part of some movies of FPJ and even revealed that her first salary as an actress was P1,000.


The movie Daniel Barrion in 1964 was the first movie of Nova with FPJ, Paquito Diaz, Lou Salvador, and Larry Silva.


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