Baka ‘yung publiko ang pina-prank? April Fool’s ng isang establisyemento, may kaparehas na insidente sa ibang bansa

Some netizens suspected the viral April Fool’s prank issue involving a Japanese street food chain was only a publicity stunt.

It can be recalled that Taragis Ta-Q-Yaki posted a photo and challenged anyone who would tattoo their brand and logo on their forehead in exchange for P100,000.

While they made it clear that it was only an April Fool’s prank, a man still decided to do the challenge and was now demanding to pay him.

Unfortunately, Taragis refused to pay the man, saying that it was not their fault if some people lacked reading comprehension.

However, some netizens believed in the possibility that the said issue was only a stunt to gain the attention of the netizens.

They mentioned similar cases of people tattooing their foreheads in exchange for a reward that had already happened in the United States.

Last April 1, 2023, Joe Bell claimed that he had tattooed the name of a local radio station, believing that he would receive a reward for doing the challenge.

However, the radio station told him that the challenge was only part of their April Fool’s Prank.

In the end, the judge awarded Joe $510,000.

As of writing, Taragis has yet to clarify if they’re really serious with their post.

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