Isang lalake, ipina-tattoo ang pangalan ng isang shop sa pag-aakalang totoo na bibigyan siya ng P100,000

A business establishment was facing a tremendous amount of criticism after they posted an April Fool’s prank, which a man took seriously.

On April 1, 2024, Taragis Ta-Q-Yaki posted a contest to challenge anyone who would tattoo their brand and logo on their forehead in exchange for P100,000.

However, when you click the photo, it shows the whole content of the publication material, showing that the challenge was only an April Fool’s prank.

Unfortunately, a man reportedly took the challenge seriously and tattooed the logo of the brand on his forehead, hoping that he would get the P100,000.

In a Facebook post, the establishment made it clear that they were only doing an April Fool’s prank.

They also insisted that they were not liable to pay the man P100,000.

“After that, we received a number of messages claiming that our post was executed and that someone had taken it seriously. Let this serve as a reminder to us all how important reading comprehension is. It’s April Fool’s Day. Never trust anything or anyone. The same as any other day,” the management wrote.
“Once more, Taragis Takoyaki is not accountable for the events that occurred,” they added.
The establishment received negative comments from the netizens, urging the owners to pay the man P100,000.
“You guys are definitely accountable, this is your responsibility! Not everyone knows what April Fool’s Day means. Tssssk!” netizen May said.
“Sa dami naman kasi ng pwedeng prank yung pang-lifetime effect pa yung napili. Be accountable, you are responsible for this. Hindi lahat literate sa meaning ng “april fools,” netizen Namieh remarked.
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