Paolo Bediones remembers his biggest assignment during his career as an anchor

Television host and newscaster Paolo Bediones remembered the biggest assignment in his career, which could be traced back to 2002 when there was a heated competition between TV networks covering Rico Yan’s passing.

During the 22nd anniversary of Rico’s untimely passing, Paolo said that he was tasked to cover the news about the matinee idol, but he admitted that it would be difficult for them to do it as the late actor was a talent of ABS-CBN, while he was a reporter at GMA Network.


Paolo was one of the hosts of the talk show S-Files, tasked to update the public on Rico’s end.

“We knew two things at that time: first, the network war was at its peak, meaning ABS -CBN would make sure to get all the exclusives,” said Paolo. “Second, we wanted to focus on our own coverage, making sure to remain as sensitive, compassionate, and responsible as we could be given the circumstances. I recall many discussions on what we should and shouldn’t do. So different from the world we live in now.


According to him, interviewing Claudine during one of the saddest moments of her life was his biggest assignment during that time.

“The biggest assignment for me that day was being able to get an exclusive interview with Claudine in her van while she was on the way to Rico’s wake. To be honest, I was so uncomfortable at that time, but I knew what I had to do, and Claudine made me feel welcome and kept it together while we were having a conversation on camera,”  he stated.


Unfortunately, the said interview was not available on online platforms.

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