Indonesian Singer dinepensahan si Shaira mula sa mga humihila dito pababa: “

The Indonesian Singer behind the song “Lagi Syantik,” which allegedly had the same melody as Shaira’s “Babaero” has defended the Bangsamoro singer from its critics.

In his statement, Siti Badriah said that Shaira should not be blamed for the copyright issues she was facing and pointed out that the Filipina singer’s management, “AHS Productions” should be the one responsible for what was happening.

According to her, Shaira was only a singer and her management had bigger roles in the songs she released.

“Itu tidak ada habugannya dengan Shaira, dia hanya menyanyikan musikya, itu adala produksi yang memerlukan penjelasan kepada dalam menyalim melodi lagu saya, tetapi mereka harus bertanya kepada pemiluk musik dan temerukan cara untuk menghubungi mereka terlebih dahulu,” Siti said.

(That has nothing to do with Shaira, she’s just singing her music. It’s a production that requires an explanation to follow the melody of my song, but they should ask the music composer and find a way to contact them first.)

The comment was nowhere to be found now on Siti’s Instagram profile.

As of writing, Shaira’s Babaero was still available in some platforms, but it was expected to also be deleted anytime soon due to its similarity to Siti’s song.


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