Queen of Copyright? Isa nanamang kanta ni Shaira Moro, kaparehas nanaman ng isang awitin mula sa ibang bansa

Since becoming the Queen of Bangsamoro Pop, Shaira Moro slowly became the Queen of Copyright after another song of hers was tagged as copied by another foreign artist.

On social media, several netizens couldn’t stop comparing Shaira’s song, “Babaero” to the song by Indonesian singer Siti Badriah, “Lagi Shantik.”

They noticed that like other controversial songs released by Shaira, Babaero also had the same melody as the foreign song.

Some netizens also swarmed Siti Badriah’s social media pages to inform her about Shaira’s song.

It can be recalled that several netizens joined hands to report the possibly copied song released by Shaira to its original singer.

Some of the songs released by Shaira have already been removed from online platforms.

As her upcoming new album was set to release, several fans advised Shaira to hire a better team to avoid facing more issues in the future.

Some experts also believed that Shaira should also become more careful now due to her newfound fame.

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