Gelli de Belen, sinabing mangingialam sa love life ng anak kung kinakailangan

Gelli de Belen said she was ready to interfere with her children’s love life if needed.

During an interview with, Gelli was asked if she was willing to also receive the same criticism as her friend, Carmilla Villarroel.

It can be recalled that Carmilla’s interference was blamed for the breakup of her son, Mavy Legaspi, and his former partner Kyline Alcantara.

Mavy was even labeled as a ‘mama’s boy’ for letting his mother interfere with his relationship.

Carmina’s post also went viral on social media.

“Dear Mavy and Cassy, people can destroy your image, damage your personality, create rumors about you but they can never take away your good deeds. Because no matter how they describe you, you will always be admired by those who know you best,” Carmina wrote.

“Mom’s knows best,” she added in another post.

Gelli said that she was ready to face the same situation if required to do so.

“Hindi nating pwedeng kwestyunin ang love ng isang ina,” said Gelli.

However, she clarified that she would never try to control her children by choosing their partner.

She even denied rejecting the women being introduced to her by her children.

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