GMA Show featuring Marian Rivera receives criticism for poorly made scene

Marian Rivera’s newest show on GMA Network, ‘My Guardian Alien,’ went viral on social media after some netizens noticed its poorly edited scene.

The scene featured Marian, portraying the leading character Katherine Villegas-Soriano, who was seen inside a casket while a priest was praying.

However, several netizens noticed that Marian’s body was only edited to make it look like she was inside the casket.

The editing was so evident that netizens called out the show’s production team.

As a response, the show’s director, Zig Dulay, has already announced that they will fix the scene.

He also clarified that the scene was still in the process of production.

“As per direk Zig, aayusin daw ng production. Hindi pa ‘to final kaya pwede pang baguhin,” the netizen said.

‘My Guardian Alien’ was set for a premiere on April 1, 2024, replacing another show on the prime timeslot.

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