British content creator na si Malcolm Conlan, dismayado sa pandidiri ni Benny Blanco sa pinoy spaghetti

British content creator, Malcolm Conlan, who’s also known as ”British Filipino-at-heart,’ had expressed his disappointment to US producer Benny Blanco.

It can be recalled that Benny went viral on social media after he tried several products being offered by a Filipino fast-food restaurant, which also has branches in the States.

In the video, Benny visibly disliked the Filipino-style spaghetti and even spat it out.

As a response, Malcolm urged Benny to apologize to the Filipino people.

“Dear sir, Not sure who you are, I believe you are the partner of Selena Gomez? I was trying to refrain from watching your review of Jollibee USA in that I do understand the fact that Jollibee and indeed Filipino food even is not going to be to everyone’s liking. BUT and here is where I take issue with your video,” Malcolm wrote.

“Amongst other menu items which also met with your clear disappointment, you also tried the Jollibee spaghetti which is an absolute classic in the Philippines, not only from Jollibee, but the whole concept of sweet spaghetti etc with pieces of sausage inside and loaded with cheese is one of the staples of Filipino cuisine. It’s incredibly popular back home in the Philippines and personally I absolutely love it.” he added.

He believed that Benny automatically criticized the Filipino culture by his gesture.

“I do hope you will apologise for the disrespect you have shown towards many Filipinos and one of their most popular fast food favourites. Thank you,” he stated.

As of writing, Benny has yet to give any statement on the criticism he received from the netizens.

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