American Producer Benny Blanco receives backlash for spitting Filipino-style spaghetti from popular fast-food

American producer Benny Blanco received criticism on social media after he made a video trying several products of a famous Filipino fast-food chain.

In his post, Blanco, who’s the boyfriend of international popstar Selena Gomez, was seen trying fried chicken, french fries, and several drinks being offered by the said fast-food chain, which also has branches in the United States.


He also tried dipping the chicken in the drink, which was not really the right way how to eat it.

However, more netizens became disappointed after Blanco decided to try the famous Filipino-style spaghetti of the said fast-food restaurant and split it.

It can be recalled that Filipino-style spaghetti was very different from the traditional spaghetti.

Netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment towards Blanco and accused him of disrespecting the Filipino culture.


“No one is forcing you/him to like jollibee. That mad disrespect on food is just evil,” netizen AltGMA said.

“Selena should carefully reconsider her relationship with this man. She deserves someone better than him,” netizen Kim Boo remarked.


However, several netizens also defended Blanco, saying that the producer only disliked Filipino-style spaghetti.

“Medyo oa tayo dito na part. He seems to enjoy naman except sa spaghetti which is very expected kasi iba nakasanayan nilang spaghetti. Don’t be so snowflake. Wrong lang talaga yung pag spit mismo sa spag pero that’s him. Wala na tayong magagawa dun,” netizen Halimuyak wrote.

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