Tom Rodriguez, inamin na handa na siyang magmahal muli at may kinikita nang ibang babae.

Actor Tom Rodriguez admitted that he was ready to love again after his controversial breakup with his wife, Carla Abellana, in 2022.

In an interview with Nelson Canlas, Tom shared his realizations in life.


“Mas simple lahat ng bagay. Relish the simple things, kung ano ang para sa’yo, mapupunta sa’yo na hindi mo kailangan ‘kailangan ganito, kailangan ’yan,’ trying to control life,” said Tom. “Learn to just resign yourself, resign yourself to the Lord and He always provides and every step of the way na parang magkaka-anxiety ka. Kasi tinatakot mo ‘yung sarili mo,”

“You’re living out of fear, out of anxiety, instead of living out of love, joy, hope. Kapag dun ka pala, everything just falls into place,” he added.


Tom revealed he already had a special someone again but decided to keep it to himself.

“Yeah, I am now. In fact, I am seeing someone. Once I was ready, it came at the right time. At that point, I thought it would never happen again,” he stated.


“Magdadamot ako ata. Like what I said, I really want to keep it to myself. But like I said, I’ll live my life like how it is. So, eventually siguro everyone would—what they see is what they get. But for now, it’s my own now,” he added.

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