Sarah Lahbati praises co-parenting with Richard Gutierrez: “They’ll be fine”

Actress Sarah Lahbati revealed her current status with her partner Richard Guttierez.

In an interview with MJ Marfori, Sarah talked about the ‘co-parenting setup’ between her and Richard without confirming the rumors about their separation.


“You know, it’s not easy on any child but I’m here for them and they’re better,” said Sarah.

“Well, of course, it’s not ideal for the children, let’s go back to the kids. But that’s life and they’ll be fine,” she added.

Sarah also admitted that she was not talking to Richard anymore.

However, she praised how they’re taking care of their children, Zion and Kai.


“No… We’re good at parenting, we’re good at parenting and you know, we are there for the kids. That’s all I’m gonna say,” she stated.

It can be recalled that there were rumors that Richard would file a case before the court to get full custody of Zion and Kai.

Richard’s parent, Annabelle Rama also released a cryptic post on social media after the interview.


“Napaka init ng ulo ko ngayon oras na ito. Gusto kung manampal at manabunot ng tao nag mamalinis akala mo kung sinong santa,” she said.


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