Seafood restaurant calls out an influencer FynestChina who brings 20 people to eat at their establishment for free

A seafood restaurant called out an influencer who collaborated with them via an ‘x’ deal for bringing 20 people to fulfill their free food offer.

In a Facebook post, Bay-Bay Seafood Grill at La Union said that vlogger FynestChina offered to promote their restaurant in exchange for free food, which they granted as they thought he would only visit the establishment alone.

However, the restaurant was surprised when the vlogger brought 20 people to eat for free.

“We were caught off-guard when they arrived with a large group of 20 people. As a small business, we strive to maintain fairness and transparency with our customers, and we were not prepared to accommodate such a significant number of guest for free,” the restaurant said.

Bay-Bay said that they had already told the FynestChina manager about the incident where the influencer used photos and videos taken at the restaurant without their consent.

“It’ is essential to recognize that social media platforms allow for freedom of expression and content sharing, which sometimes leads to unauthorized use of images or information. As a business, we do not have direct control over what others post about us, but we strive to maintain a positive reputation and uphold the highest standards of integrity,” they stated.



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