Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, pumalag sa mga bumabatikos sa kanyang pagpapa-gluta sa senado: “Wala akong inapakang tao”

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla was unbothered by the criticism she received on social media after she had a glutathione drip session in her husband’s office, Sen. Robin Padilla, at the senate.

In her statement, Mariel said that she was aware of the negative reactions by netizens and several public figures, including Sen. Nancy Binay.

However, instead of stopping from promoting glutathione dripping, she would still hold live sessions to advertise the product.

She insisted that there was nothing wrong with what she did.

Mariel also clarified that the session already passed the office hours.

“In my heart, [wala] akong tinapakan na kahit sinong tao. Kung may na-offend, sorry, pero walang intention na maka-offend,” she stated.

“After the Eddie Garcia Bill, hinintay ko si Robin. Mga 9 p.m. na ‘yun,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Health Reform Advocate Tony Leachon said that Mariel’s act would affect the Senate’s image and promote bad medical practice.

It’s not yet known if the Senate’s ethics chair, Nancy Binay would try to find out if Mariel’s actions would be against the rules of the institution.

“I’m not sure if the Ethics Committee can extend its jurisdiction dito sa nangyaring insidente since hindi naman member ng Senado si Ms. Mariel. But we also need to closely look into it because it involves issues of conduct, integrity, and reputation of the Institution and matters that concern health and safety,” she said.


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