Paglalambing ni Manny Pacquiao kay Jinkee Pacquiao, kinakilig ng mga netizens

Even the world’s only eight-division world champion is still soft when it comes to his wife.

In the video uploaded by Steve Jumalon last November, Manny Pacquiao was shown approaching his wife Jinkee while she was having a hand massage.


The world champion then lay his head on his wife’s shoulders while talking in a low tone.

Some fans couldn’t believe that even one of the most feared men in boxing had a soft side.

Several netizens tried to interpret the gestures of the people’s champ, speculating that he was trying to find comfort as he was facing some problems.


“Napansin nyo? Before sya humalik sa leeg nag bug tong hininga muna sya meaning may mabigat na bumabagabag sa kanya and he can’t think properly. So the best way for you to make a decision is to find your peace of mind and comfort zone which he already found it kay mrs pacquioa,” netizen Cesar said.


“May mga lalaki na hindi vocal sa kanilang feelings at isa doon si sir manny. I’m pretty sure aware na si ma’am jinky doon kaya inaddress nya yung pinapakitang soft side ni husband. No wonder they stayed together until now,” he added.


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