Kris Aquino, may mensahe sa kanyang mga anak sa posibleng huling birthday niya

Kris Aquino gave a touching message to her children, Bimby and Josh during her 53rd birthday.

In a live interview with “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” Kris revealed the possibility that her birthday might be her last due to her worsening condition.

“Yes, because of Churg Strauss, I now have cardiomyopathy. This means my heart muscles are having trouble pumping blood due to inflammation, and because of that inflammation, it’s exhausting my heart and causing it to begin to fail and ultimately,” she said.

She then thanked Bimby and Josh for being part of her life.

“Just in case this is the last birthday i get to celebrate here on earth, THANK YOU kuya & bimb for the most precious privilege of being chosen to be your mom. THANK YOU to my sisters for their love & generosity. THANK YOU to my small but very close circle of cousins & friends who have shared my life and their lives with me. THANK YOU to all of you for making all my childhood dreams come true.” she said.

“Pa birthday n’yo na please- i have a few loved ones and dear friends battling very difficult illnesses as well. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM, too.” she added.


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