‘Reincarnated?’ Ambeth Ocampo, nakipagkita sa ka look-a-like ng kanyang ina

Historian Ambeth Ocampo finally met the woman who went viral recently after netizens noticed her resemblance to the mother of the former.

In his Facebook post, Ocampo met with Veronica Balayo, who shared a photo of her beside the portrait of Belen Ocampo at the National Museum.

“We were just casually looking and appreciating all the artworks. Actually [joke joke] ko lang talaga yun na parang ako but after seeing the photo sinabi ko sa officemate ko bakit parang ako?! sabi nila [oo nga] and then yun na nag picture ako together with the photo without even knowing kung sino yun,” she said.

On February 4, Prof. Ambeth shared his meeting with Veronica, a resident of Davao, and shared that the meeting was documented by magazine show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

“Veronica Balayo from Davao visited the National Museum, saw my mother’s photo-oleo, noticer an uncanny resemblance and asked if she was reincarnated. Jessica Soho documented a meet up with my mom’s doppelgänger airing tonight,” he said.

Prof. Ambeth then shared a valuable life tip with Veronica.

“Ang importante talaga na meron kang sarili mong career and that you find the right husband. My mother was career-oriented. Marami siyang pinasok na trabaho. Which I think is what a modern woman is. Independent. With independent income from your husband.” he said.


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