Aida Tautuaa, iginiit na sila Alvin Abueva ang naunang nang-asar sa kanila

Aida Tautuaa, wife of San Miguel Beer player Mo Tautuaa, insisted that they’re not trying to start a verbal spat with Magnolia player Calvin Abueva.

On February 4, after the one-sided game between San Miguel Beer and Magnolia, Calvin was seen trying to confront Mo and Aida, claiming that the couple was disrespectful in front of him and his child.

Even Calvin’s partner, Salome Alejandra, involved herself in the commotion and tried to confront Aida and Mo.

According to Aida, Calvin was the one who made a bad gesture when they met after the game.


“This guy is crazy! Calvin just came after me while I was walking to the bathroom,” she said.

However, she clarified that Calvin didn’t touch her but smirked at her.

I had to walk past him to go to the restroom. He smirked at me, nodded his head up & down & said, “yeaa” laughing. I said “w*f is wrong with you” & kept walking. He walked after me and literally got in my face,” she wrote.

However, Calvin denied the accusations, saying he never smiled at Aida.


“Dumaan siya dito, hinihintay ako anak ko, and then sabi niya ‘what the f*** are you smiling. Sino siya para ii-smile ko siya,” he said.

“Bakit niya ako ginanun? Hinihintay ko asawa ko tapos gaganun niya ako,” he added.


San Miguel defeated Magnolia during the second finals game, 109-85, but Calvin vowed to do his best in game three to give the first win of his team.

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