Sunshine Cruz, nakita kasama si Atong Ang sa isang event

Several netizens discussed the meeting between actress Sunshine Cruz and Atong Ang during an event organized by the businessman.

In several photos on social media, Sunshine was seen walking with Atong.

Meanwhile, a source close to Atong said there was no special relationship between the businessman and Sunshine.


According to some reports, Sunshine was one of the celebrity guests of Atong’s new venture, ‘Apple sa Pula o Apple sa Puti.’

Atong’s new business differed from his former money tree, as the players only needed to guess between two colors to win prizes.


Aside from Sunshine, Atong was also linked to his business partner, Gretchen Barretto. However, the two repeatedly denied that they were in a romantic relationship.

A video taken by one of the agents of Atong’s new game also recorded a performance by Sunshine during one of the events organized by the businessman.


As of writing, Sunshine and Atong have yet to give their direct reaction to the rumors.

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