Janno Gibbs, ibinahagi ang pamamaalam na mensahe ni Ronaldo Valdez bago ito pumanaw

Janno Gibbs revealed that his father, Ronaldo Valdez, posted a message of farewell before passing away on December 17, 2023.

In an interview with Pep.ph, Janno confirmed the existence of Ronaldo’s letter, which the latter posted on social media.

The artist said that he quickly deleted it due to the sensitivity of the contents of the note.

“We learned [about it] after the hospital after he passed na. We learned he posted in Facebook,” said Janno. “I took it down because it was morbid—’Life is not fun anymore. Goodbye,’ ganon. Meron siyang ganon,”

 “When I got hold of his phone, I deleted it kasi hindi maganda. Hindi maganda,” he added.

Janno said that he didn’t see any signs that his father was already carrying a huge burden before his passing.

According to him, his father was set to undergo treatment to treat his walking difficulties.

There was a possibility that Ronaldo experienced sudden sadness due to being incapable of going outside and seeing his friends.

“Siguro it was getting worse, parang hindi na niya ma-enjoy. Hindi siya yung type na would sit still and stay home,” he stated.

He also said he was in the same house as his father when the incident happened.

Janno even shared his last interaction with his father, who seemed waited for him to sleep.

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